Unwanted key control

Hi, I have connected a Yamaha MOXF6 to Cubase pro 9.5 by USB. Working with Windows 10. In the editor I notice that, while I play a certain key on the MOXF6, the MIDI Note on and off commands simultaneously the selected track is moved up. There are several other keys, which activates another function in Cubase. Luckily the middle part of the keyboard works properly.

I have re-installed the Yamaha driver 1.10.3 but without any success.

What could cause this problem?


Open Studio > Studio Setup and go thru the items in the Remote Devices. Make sure, the MIDI In is set to Not Connected.

Thanx Martin, but unfortunately it was not the solution. Problem I forwarded to Yamaha technical team. Even the MOXF built in sequencer starts together with Cubase while ‘DAW remote’ is ON at the MOXF