Unwanted lines when exporting

I have a peculiar problem:

I have used hidden notes with custom scale set to 1, but they appear only after exporting the PDF -file. I have hundreds of these, so any kind of batch solution would be greatly appreciated!

Here is what I see in Dorico and Quick Preview (after exporting):
Screenshot 2023-12-07 at 15.56.14

Here is what I see when I open the PDF with preview:
Screenshot 2023-12-07 at 15.56.24

I don’t know if these lines will actually print, but I would very much like to get rid of them somehow!

Is there perhaps a way to lessen the resolution just ever so slightly that they disappear?

I tried exporting svg and opening in affinity, but I could see right away other problems there.

Its very weird, since these “stems” end at the centerline.

Another place where I cannot see them is Dorico’s printing preview.

Hiding notes by setting custom scale to 1, you say? Can I share an Even Better-er method with you?

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I’m aware of these, but I wanted to find a solution that would also work with condensing. My solution (setting custom scale to 1) seemed to condense properly (without editing in engrave mode) but only at the very last stage (after exporting pdfs) these tiny stems became visible…

but I took some hours to carefully toggle hide stem twice, first in galley view and then also in Engrave mode (since toggle hide stem does not propagate to condensed score, but it has to be done again). After that, I can set custom scale to 1 and there are no mysterious stems left after exporting

It’s been mentioned before that the PDF specification interprets 0-width lines as “the thinnest line on the device”.

A line’s a line for aw’ that, as Robbie Burns might have said.


I see! I guess I should have known that!

Thank you for the supporting words anyway :smiley:

I‘ll spread my go-to solution for these things, which I took from @FredGUnn :

Instead of using notes to fill the region, I use a slash region and click the „small slash“ property.
In the notehead-editor I made sure to replace the small slash notehead with empty spaces.
Voila. Very fast and easy to apply, and so far rocksolid (if you don’t need small slash regions)

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It would be very nice, but unfortunately slashes won’t condense… I have found that actually the most effective way (when condensing is not needed) is to input quarternote rests with force duration on, select those and put opacity to 0% (I have a key command for that)

The problem with the small slashes is that you are limited to quarter notes. To me they are also much harder to edit (and even grab once hidden)

Ah, i forgot about condensing… last time
I used it in orchestra the parts where too different to condense anyhow.

Anyway if you have a change try out that rest approach - to me it felt much better than slahes!