unwanted long midi notes

when i use 'play or any other Vst instruments, i keep getting really long midi notes.
This becomes unworkable after a short period of time
does anyone know a way around this please?

I had this a while ago and tracked it down to three possible causes:-

  1. Cutting a MIDI track and deleting the right-hand side. This sometimes left a NOTE ON (or a SUSTAIN ON) without a corresponding NOTE OFF (SUSTAIN OFF). Doesn’t seem to happen in C6.

  2. A MIDI timing error while recording that captured a NOTE ON but missed the NOTE OFF. Again, this doesn’t seem to happen in C6.

  3. A SUSTAIN ON without a corresponding SUSTAIN OFF. This was probably because I hit stop when recording, say a piano, with the sustain pedal pressed. Playing the track back with the piano this wasn’t noticeable as the note would decay naturally. But, if an instrument without a natural decay is assigned to the track the subsequent notes sustain indefinitely.

  4. is difficult to spot in the event list editor as it sometimes hides right at the bottom of the window in Win7 and although you think you’ve scrolled right to the end you actually haven’t. 2) can be found by looking for a very long appearing in the track around. 3) is easier to spot by filtering out the NOTE commands just leaving the controllers. An ON unpaired with an OFF is usually the place to look.


hey thanks Jenks!

tried these but to no avail, thanks very much though, will keep trying and will let you know if i find anything

It can be very frustrating.

Look forward to hearing what it is if you do find it.