Unwanted message

Yesterday I got this message and now everytime I try to do anything it keeps popping up, and again at certain intervals. Very annoying.
Can anyone throw any light on where it came from and , more importantly, how do I stop it. I
have closed Dorico and rebooted my laptop and re opened dorico but it is still there.

Have you recently migrated from one computer to another? If so, then it looks like the auto-save path that Dorico is trying to use isn’t appropriate on your new computer. I suggest you quit Dorico, then in the Finder go to /Users/your-username/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Dorico 4 and find the file called preferences.xml. Open this in a good text editor (VS Code, Sublime Text, BBEdit, etc. etc.), and look for the lines that say:

			<value>/Users/your-username/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Dorico 4/AutoSave</value>

Make sure that the your-username part is correct for the username on your new computer. Save the file and close it. Now restart Dorico, and hopefully all will be well from now on.

Hi Daniel
Many thanks for your reply.
I realised later that this problem only started after I had upgraded to 4.2 so maybe the upgrade did not go correctly. I was wondering about reinstalling the upgrade but I will try your suggestion first.

me again.
I am not sure about the text editors. I am on a mac and I have pages. Is that OK to use?

Hi Daniel
Under my name there is not a folder called Library. But under a folder called Shared there is a folder called Library and then a folder called Application support, but it does not contain any references to Steinberg or to dorico.

In Finder, hold down the alt/option key and click the Go menu->Library.
The User Library is hidden by default.


and use TextEdit (not Pages) to do the change.

Many thanks for all the help from Daniel, jesele and K_B.
Everything seems to be OK now. As I reported earlier, I think something went wrong when I tried to update to 4.2
This is a great Forum.

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