unwanted MIDI cc command

I have been programming my Spectrasonics instruments to receive MIDI cc commands from my Nanocontrol so that i can automate certain slidersin those virtual instruments.

One of the Nanocontrol faders is also moving the transport back and forth to different time positions in the project. I would like to stop this behavior and would like to know where I can find the generic MIDI cc controls that affect the behavior of the project window’s transport.


Open Devices > Device Setup. There are some virtual “Devices” which are global Cubase controllers. I would guess, there will be Generic Remote device, or Mackie Control, or something like this. If you are not sure, send some screenshots.

Once you select any of the virtual device, there is alway MIDI Input (and Output). Of course, Nanocontrol has to be selected as an Input in your case (this is why does it work). Just set the MIDI Input to none. This shoul be the solution for you.

That worked.

Thanks very much.