Unwanted Mixer Track Groups

When I go to the Mixer window (Play tab) and attempt to either mute or solo an individual track, other tracks get muted or soloed as well. It’s behaving like the track group function in a typical DAW. I can’t figure out how to ungroup them–or how they even got grouped in the first place.

What playback device are you using? If you’re using NotePerformer, then be aware that NotePerformer provides just a single stereo output, so if you try to mute any particular instrument, you will mute the whole plug-in. To mute individual instruments when using NotePerformer, use NotePerformer’s own mixer interface in its own window.

Ah, that explains it. I am using NotePerformer. Thanks for the clarification.

It seems that you should click “Solution” on Daniel’s comment not on your’s.

Yep, clumsy response using my phone.