Unwanted muted channels on Roland Studio Capture UA1610

I am a Cubase 10.5 user i wanted to try Cubase 12.After installation i am having issues with my audio interface.I use Roland Studio Capture UA1610 since 2014,and did not have big issues up to Cubase 12.There’s no problem when i run but when i quit Cubase 12 ,my interface’s audio channel faders goes down and the channels 1 to 12 are muted and every time i load my preset of my audio interface to solve this.I wonder the cause of this issue,Cubase related or soundcard driver ?

I’ve had this problem with mine for years. Digging for a solution, the unit sounds great but I’m sick of the time wasting mutes and all monitor channel faders go to zero, all pans hard left. During a session I have to reset everything over and over. If I was a pro I would have dumped it years ago.