Unwanted natural reverb on dorico 4

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I’ve been using dorico 4 after years with Sibelius. I’m still terribly slow, but I’m learning.

I’m creating a study sheet for saxophone quartet, and when I playback the audio there’s a huge reverb bothering the whole audio file.
In the play mode I muted the reverb and I can’t find anything online explaining how can I get a dry sound.

I guess it’s something easy, but honestly I can’t find it. Hope someone can help me out here. Thanks!

Could you please tell us what vst instrument you’re using (HSSE? NotePerformer ?)
That reverb is probably from the vdti itself. You should be able to edit it by pressing the round e next to the name of the vsti, then in the vsti edit window (so not in Dorico)

There is a default reverb on the Dorico mixer which can be muted, but as Marc suggests, the problem might be with your VSTs.

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hey guys thanks a lot for your help.

Yeah I had the vsti option to change. I did it manually and dropped the reverb to 0. not the fastest solution if i’d work with an orchestral setting, but perhaps there’ a way to speed up that process too.

But, it worked, so thanks a lot for your quick answer!
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claudio jr

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