Unwanted negative time/measure count

While I was writing a piece I noticed that the measure and time counter (in the top menu bar on the right) displayed negative values. This is the first time of this happening to me (and me noticing, at least). The score I was composing is really simple: the only things I did to it was to open a new score, add two instruments in setup mode, then enter write mode and put in some notes and play them back a few times during the process. No changed options, no measures added in places other than at the end, no measures deleted.
Playing the music from somewhere temporarily fixed the issue.

Here are images demonstrating the wrong result:

After searching for how this could happen I came up with this: Quickly playing back the music at the start of the first measure and stopping again, resulting in a 00:00:00.000 second current time, and then opening the transport bar and clicking in it results in a negative time displayed in it. See the video in the attached zip file where I do exactly this. Whenever the green line appears in the video I’m pressing P and then quickly P again. All other inputs are using the mouse, which should be visible. This happens in all files I tried, but I have not restarted Dorico yet to see if something temporary messed up.
Kazam_screencast_00020.zip (1.56 MB)

Restarting Dorico may clear everything up. Sometimes Dorico needs a restart to rationalize certain screen display situations, a known but not critical shortcoming the Dorico Team is working on to fix.

This a little cosmetic issue that I don’t think would be a priority for us to fix. If you want to move the playhead, rather than typing P followed immediately by P, type Alt+P instead, which moves the playhead to the position of the current selection.