Unwanted Noise when moving/stretching Cubase window

I wonder if anyone has this issue. When I resize the main Cubase window is produces clicking and crackles. This happenes for example when I grab the left side of the main Cubase window and drag it to stretch it out further to the left. I have found that by switching off Aero (done by switching from the Aero desktop mode to the Windows 7 basic - high contrast mode) that the noise stops.

This is important as you might be doing a major recording and resize your Cubase window, possibly introducing unwanted noise into your recording. I have not verified if this audible noise is indeed passed onto recorded tracks or not.



What video card do have, that could be your problem?

I had problems with Matrox P690 PCIe x16 card, when moving the cursor near the edges of the screen, or moving from one monitor to the other, it caused crackling and stuttering.


I was thinking along those lines as well. Strange though as the issue did not seem to be present in Cubase version 6. The card is not that great, an ATI 3450 quad. Meaning it has 4 monitor capability and that is the main reason I got it back about 3 years ago. I should likely upgrade the dog, but again in 6.0 all was well.

Thanks for your help!


I have the same problem. I upgraded my card to a better one but didn’t fix the issue. I can live with it. It’s not a horrible problem.

As a side note i keep windows graphics set to basic or classic mode. So no bells and whistles.

hi 54,
Have you even caught the noise on a recording? For me, getting rid of Aero got rid of the problem.

On another note, I can relate to your comment (in the signature line) about having a lot of crap, but it does not mean you get great results. Maybe we should form a band together as it sounds like we are at the same level.

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Well I don’t touch the screen when I record so no I never have had any issue with snap crackle and pop in my recordings.

Hey sure if you want to form a band I’m in, I have boat loads of hardware synths we can use live. I produce trance though so It might be a good mix or a bad one. :wink: