Unwanted note at start of playback

Running latest pro 5 version:
Cant work this one out, might be a faulty template, but everytime i playback my audio i get a low C note from the chord playback track (regardless of the key or if there is or is not a chord attributed to that section of the song) the only way to not hear it is to mute the chord track so it must be something hidden somewhere there.
I can live with it but its annoying me.
Any tips or places to look?
thanks all

nearly always caused by a fault in the Expression Map. This low C probably has a keyswitch attached which should likely be either for a different instrument or was accidentally simply programmed at the wrong octave. Check your map(s) for this.

If you can’t find the culprit, attach a relevant sample project and perhaps one of us will manage.

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Since you say turning off Chord Playback stops the errant note, check the instrument applied to the chord track and the Expression Map associated with that track first.

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thanks for the quick reply. Still not sure where to find this rogue note. Here is the dorico file that has the said issue. Appreciate anyone how can steer me towards finding the culprit. thanks

unwanted C note.dorico (931.7 KB)

The easiest way is to re-apply the playback template. This will assign the correct expression map to the electric guitar.

You have the “HSSE Nylon guitar” expression map assigned, this causes the problem. You can also manually apply the “standard” expression map in play mode.

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Brilliant, sorted, many thanks, @derhannes
How might that have gotten in there?
I’m not even sure what expression-maps do, to be honest, and guess until i explore them its something i can live without

Expression Maps tell Dorico how to perform the instruments you’ve chosen. If the wrong EM is chosen, as seems to be the case here – then all manner of things can happen. Mostly if you’re just using the supplied Halion instruments, they will be automatically set up correctly for you and if you’ve inadvertently made some change, reapplying the playback template usually sorts things for you – as @derhannes has just said.