Unwanted note in playback after changing instrument sound

I have been working on a string orchestra project. I prefer to use piano sound during writing/playback/editing to have sharp note attacks instead of the string sounds with small crescendos at the beginning of every note. After changing the instrument’s sounds to any piano (e.g. Bright Piano) sound, at the beginning of the playback there is a very long Contra F# sound. (After that Dorico plays back correctly my music. And of course this sound is not visible in the score…).
And also, during editing (Write mood) when I click any note in the score, this Contra F# sound what I hear instead of the correct pitch, what is written.

What could I do?

Welcome to the forum, petesm. You need to go to the Endpoint Setup dialog and change the expression map for the channel corresponding to the sound you changed.

Many thanks, it is solved…! I should have asked it earlier!
Dear Daniel, congratulations for the wonderful work you’ve done in order to realise the Dorico project! I have been using Dorico instead of Sibelius for years, and it is simply great! Good luck!