Unwanted pink highlighting

Hello. Somehow I’ve highlighted two bars in my score with pink. I have no idea how I did this and do not want it. They look like signposts but have no numbers. All ideas appreciated.

Could you share a screenshot by any chance? Pink highlights could well be system/frame break signposts but a screenshot would help be definitive.

Ah, or could be cue suggestion highlights?

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Lillie you are a genius. It was indeed Cue Suggestion Highlights! The odd thing is that it was highlighting empty bars.

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Empty measures are where cues go.

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Thanks Derrek. Got it. So much “new” to learn!

Yes exactly, you can set a “resting duration” (i.e. how long in seconds the player hasn’t had anything to play) and Dorico will highlight the bars before the next entry after a gap of that duration as a suggestion of where you might want a cue.

I am finding more and more in Dorico that I really like. Thanks.

Wow! Where did this come from? I had no idea.

I think it’s been around since Dorico 2.x. Certainly predates 3.

Every day’s a school day :slight_smile: one of my favourite things about this forum.

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