Unwanted players / instruments


I’m starting on an arrangement for 4 bass clarinets, but in my layout three trombone-staves show up (see attachment). They’re not showing up in the left column in Setup mode. I already tried to delete the flow and create a new one, and I also tried that with the score, but the three trombones keep showing up. They also show up in Galley view.
Am I missing something here?
But more important (for me now): How can I get rid of these three trombone-staves?
Thx for any help.

Could it be that your Clarinet Players have multiple instruments assigned to them?
You can check by clicking on the arrow to the left of the players.

Good one, but I already checked that: One instrument per player…

Interesting. Would you mind posting the file here then? It would be easier to help than with a screenshot

Yes, I can share the file.The file is too large to share directly, strangely enough. I created this one from an ‘old’ file and deleted all the flows and players. I also use the “Silence” playback template when starting a new piece, like in this file.
Here is a link to the project: https://www.stevenhenrystorage.nl/s/epLtK5mpADxoOMA
thx for looking into it.

I see. Yes, the filesize is unusually big, approx 10 times bigger than expected (after quickly creating a new file with 4 Bass Clarinets).

I couldn’t find any solution, but I assume it has to do with your process of deleting the unwanted players from a template. Is there something, a playing technique, etc., which is linked to the trombones? Dorico wouldn’t let you delete it then maybe. But this is just wild guessing. Does the problem appear, if you redo your whole process by again duplicating your template and deleting unnecessary instruments?

Someone more advanced in looking into the .dorico file might be able to help for sure.

It was a reed quintet piece before (ob, cl, sax, bsn, bcl) and maybe before that that concert band piece (hence the trombones maybe). I deleted all the reed quintet instruments and created 4 new bass clarinet players. I indeed also noticed that the filesize is unusually large.
The thing is: I already created a completely new project and imported the master page templates. But then I have to change al the custom font settings and margin settings I use in my projects. But, maybe that’s the best thing to do right now :frowning:

It’s a very odd situation; certainly one I’ve never seen before. Hopefully someone on the development team will shed some light on it.

Terribly odd indeed. There must be something in the xml. If you delete the full part layout they disappear, but then if you add a new full part layout they reappear. Oddly, they appear even if you delete all instruments:

Trombone players refusing point blank to be written out of the piece. Whatever next?

There’s a keystroke for creating Default Part Layouts. Enact it and any Players that aren’t showing up in the Layout column have Layouts made for them. In this case layouts for all three Trombone Players appear which confirms that Dorico still thinks they’re on the Players list. They’re still present as a Condensing Group.

A Concert Band that for some reason was only partially deleted?

It looks to me as if at some point you had player groups in this project, and that one of those groups included the trombones, which have somehow ended up orphaned in the project. I will need the original project file in order to fix this for you, so please email it to me at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de and I’ll do it as soon as I can.