Unwanted, random MIDI notes

Hey there,
I experience an issue, where sometimes random MIDI notes appear all of a sudden when playing back (and while exporting). I can’t reproduce it, it just happens sometimes that Cubase throws in some totally random notes on a track with a vst playing (they are always on top of existing notes). It happens with any kind of virtuell synths. I tried setting the midi input to “Not Connected”. It still happens. Anyone has similar problems and know how to fix it? (I just had to export a track like three times, until I got a result without the issue.)

Are you saying that these unwanted notes can be seen in the MIDI Part if you open it in an editor such as the Key Editor?

No they can not be seen. I just wanted to point out, that the unwanted notes only appear at moments when a wanted note gets played.

Have you checked it with midi monitor?

Are you using a chord track? If it’s not muted it will play on whatever you’re monitoring.

Good idea, I will check that.

No chord track involved here. And if so, I should be able reproduce the issue.