Unwanted Rests in Drumpart

Sorry something wrong here

+.) I’m writing on a drumpart and recieve rest above/below. How can I delete them?
2. At the begining I have something like a fat small barline. Where does this come.

Many thank’s for help


You can’t delete them. You have to prevent them from showing in the first place, which you can do by only inputting notes in a single voice (and by adjusting your kit in such a way that all the instruments it holds are on Voice 1 with stems pointing Upwards). In situations where you need both upstem and downstem voices, input the notes into the upstem voice as usual, then right-click/Edit > Percussion > Change Voice > Extra Voice. Extra Voices don’t create rests.

Percussion rests are set to be sorted out some time in the next major release cycle.

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