Unwanted rests suddenly pop up out of nowhere

Two things here really. I have a bar of 2/4 for solo violin with 2 voices. There is an eighth note rest at the beginning of the bar and an eighth note pickup to beat 2. I want an eighth note triplet on beat 2, so I hit 5 for eighth note, hit the semi colon key for triplet, type in a 3, get the triplet, then hit 6 so the first note is a quarter note. Sometimes it does this and sometimes not. This time it gave me 2 tied eighth notes, which, even when I inputted the 3rd eight note didn’t go away. My attempts to change the first beat to a quarter note didn’t work, although finally it did, although not after deleting the content of the bar and starting over. When next I notice the rest of the score there are whole bar rests above each bar in the score and I can’t get rid of them. It’s almost as if somehow the first voice got swapped with the other two. I don’t want to have to go through and individually hide each rest, plus it caused some stems and triplet brackets to be in the wrong position. I seem to frequently get unexpected results. Is this caused by some sort of bug?
On another note, when looking at the new playback options, that small light blue text is very hard to read.

It sounds as if you have been creating additional voices unintentionally, using Shift+V to add a new voice rather than simply using V to switch between the voices you’ve already used. Try switching on View > Note Colors > Voice Colors to see which voices you’ve got going on.

If you’re sometimes getting two tied eighths at the start of a triplet of eighths, that suggests that you have somehow entered the first note of the tuplet with Force Durations switched on. Try doing Edit > Reset Appearance on the note, which should reconstitute it into a quarter again.

Thanks Daniel, that’s exactly what I was doing (creating additional voices). I will take your suggestion re: voice colors. I have to admit this makes more sense now that I know that. It seems that I have managed to use up most of the colors in Dorico’s rainbow. Having done that is there a way to return it to just the 2 needed voices or does it not really make much difference?