Unwanted rests together with slashes

Hi, I’m wondering how to get rid of these rests (see picture 2nd bar). As soon as I use a slash in the 5-grid I can’t get rid of the rest above the first note and below the second.

The only work around I can find is to use an instrument instead of a slash in the percussion setup and choose notehead slash but then I can’t get rid of the stem (see picture 1st bar).

I have made sure that they are all the the same voice in the percussion kit setup. I have tried unchecking “drum set” in the percussion kit setup. I have made sure the are all the same stem up/down. I have tried “ends voice” “starts voice” and remove rests.

Any ideas?
Screenshot 2019-12-27 at 12.04.23.png

Rests in percussion kits are a bit of a pain because they can’t be edited the way rests in regular pitched staves can. However, if you select the notes that are producing unwanted rests to pad out the bar and choose Edit > Percussion > Change Voice > Extra Up-stem Voice or Extra Down-stem Voice, the padding rests will not appear for those voices.

Thank you! Works great.