Unwanted retrospective voice changes

I’m working on a piano reduction from an orchestral score. I made some fairly simple changes to voices in order to get the up-stem/down-stem layering right around the 500th bar of the layout, but then when I looked back fifty, a hundred, and more bars, many voices in earlier passages had been flipped, whereas they had been just fine until then. Now I have an enormous amount of re-editing to do. Why does Dorico makes these unwanted changes retrospectively?

I see from the carat on one of my piano reduction staves that I have two voice ones, a voice two, and a voice three. Is there a way to reset that going forward? (Or do I even want to do that?)

I have discovered the Voice Color tool, but am a bit puzzled by it. For example, are Up-stem and Down-stem Voice 2 both green?

I suspect that when you edited the voice of the existing notes late in your flow, you used one of the Change Voice commands, which changes the identity of an entire voice, rather than moving the selected notes into a different voice. The good news is that you should be able to change that voice back to its old identity, if you can figure out what it was, and then you can edit the notes that you originally intended to edit, moving them into another (already existing) voice simply by typing V.