Unwanted Reverb

How do I turn off unwanted reverb on my tracks? When I set up a track and test with a microphone reverb is dominating in my monitors.

So are you using a preset which has reverb on it? If not have you got the monitor button enabled on the track and your audio interface setup with large buffers so there is latency? If this happens it sounds more like a delay but could be mistaken for reverb.

So if you are using a preset with reverb ( the track monitor button would still have to be enabled) then either remove the reverb or use a different preset. If you record the track does the reverb still exist playing it back? If not then it sounds like the other problem.

For the second. In this case does your interface allow direct monitoring so Cubase is bypassed? This is a good option if you can’t get latency down to an acceptable level.

If you just create an audio track in Cubase and assign an input then Cubase will not add reverb by default.

Maybe you talk about feedback? Not reverb?