Unwanted roman numeral

The label in Violin I, div. 1 turns to roman numeral, when div 1 is on upper staff and div 2 and 3 combined on lower staff.

As can be seen in the Violin II, everything turns normal if div 1 and 2 are combined.


I hope I am doing something wrong, and this is not a bug.

Here is the dorico file: roman numeral error.dorico (392.8 KB)

I ran into the exact same problem on one of my current projects. Looks definitely like a bug to me.
[Edit] I just spent ten minutes reading again those almost 400 pages pdf to post a picture of this problem, and apparently it was a display glitch in Dorico, because that thing is nowhere to be found in the graphic exports I’ve made!

Exactly - I found the old “capture a portion of the screen” (shift+ctrl+cmd+4 on Mac) and then paste, much easier to use. I used it in the above example.

And I agree, unfortunately the Roman intrusion looks like a bug. Hope it will be corrected soon, because I did not find any way of bypassing it.