Unwanted silence at start of exported audio

Why does Dorico add (unwanted) silence at the start of exported audio? I have exported a click track (which is actually a clave) that starts on the downbeat of the first measure. However, Dorico adds .039 seconds of unwanted silence to the start of the files. The pre-roll in playback options is set to 0, by the way.
Obviously, I can compensate in my DAW for this, but I would love to know if there is some reason this is happening.

I tried exporting audio from a trivially simple Dorico project with just four quarter beats of kick drum as WAV, and opened it up in WaveLab: the sound starts right at the start of the audio file, with no delay at all.

Does the problem you’re experiencing affect all projects similarly? Did you play in any of the notes live using real-time recording, or import them via MIDI? Do any of them have playback offsets that would account for them being a tiny bit behind the beat?

I tried the same as Daniel, even with big ASIO buffer sizes, and came to the same result. The only way I could reproduce your issue was, if I added an up-beat that started with a pause. Do you may also have an up-beat in your project, Schlagzeuger?

No, nothing is played in or imported. There is no upbeat in my project. However, on further investigation this appears to be an issued related only to NotePerformer. When I export the same tracks with HALion Sonic SE the transients appear exactly at the start of the audio (as they shoud).

It says on noteperformer.com:

We want you to know that…
NotePerformer adds a one-second delay to playback.
This is the secret to how we’re able to analyse the musical context of your score.
But it also means that you can’t use ReWire technology with NotePerformer.

Scroll down the site until you see the light bulb for this information.

Still, when I export from dorico using noteperformer it starts correctly, without any delay.