Unwanted sounds recording acoustic guitar

When I’m recording the acoustic guitar, any time there’s the slightest movement of the guitar, it rubs against my clothes and makes a creaking sound that I can hear during the quiet parts.

I can’t think of a way to deal with this other than keeping my body completely still while recording, which I’m not even sure is possible. Have others experienced this problem? How do you handle it?

Yes, I’ve experienced it and no, I’ve not found a suitable solution for it. On the other hand, stop cleaning your guitar so spik and clean.

If your clothes are making noise, I would remove them entirely then replay the part. Just make sure the door is closed and your curtains are drawn!

If you are using built in piezo pickups, you could try using a (dynamic) microphone instead.
Something like the Beyer 201 can sound fine on acoustic instruments, and it doesn’t pick up as much unwanted stuff.
Of cause most prefer a SDC or LDC, here mic. placement can really make a difference.