Unwanted Track Overlapping

Hi there,
I’ve got no idea what I’m doing plz help.
Whenever I record more than one track, all subsequent tracks have a ghost of previous tracks playing in the background. I can have multiple tracks recorded and mute all but one, yet I will still be able to hear the others. Almost as if I’m getting microphone sound bleed. However this is impossible as I’m recording guitar straight into the quarter inch input of my UR12.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Some thoughts…

The pickups on my Strat will record almost everything that happens in the room while I record. They have recorded the voices of people talking before, during, and after my guitar takes. They pick up the voices of people recording lyrics through a mic at the same time (and in the same room) I record my guitar. They pickup other tracks and click timing being played through my monitors while I record. And they would even record bleed through sounds being played through some less expensive earphones.

So for me it is…
No talking during the actual recording. Never listen through the monitors when recording. Purchase a good set of closed back earphones for recording (you can use open back earphones for mixing if necessary). And never record lyrics in the same room if recording the lyrics at the same time as recording the guitar track.

An almost imperceptible click that was somehow recorded in the background on each single track will really sound loud if that same click is recorded and played back on several tracks.


Not sure if your interface has direct monitoring. If activated you might get a “reverbish” sound.

Check your track output bus assignments to make sure they are set correctly.

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Make sure you don’t have Loopback activated in your audio interface software.