Unwanted triplet

Hi - I’ve got a score where I’ve got a triplet in bar 6 but I want to put a half-note at the start of bar 7. But for some unknown reason there is a triplet sign in bar 7. If I try to delete it, both triplets get deleted. If I ignore it and try to put a half-note at the start of bar 7, Dorico incorporates the half-note into the triplet. That’s not what I want. How do I get rid of that triplet in bar 7?

Just click to select that second tuplet and delete it.

Tuplets are sticky in note input. In the future, after you’ve entered the first tuplet, hit left arrow then right arrow before you continue note entry. It’ll break the tuplet.

If I select the second tuplet, both tuplets become highlighted. So if I try to delete, both tuplets get deleted. What am I doing wrong?

Oh, I just figured it out. I wasn’t inputting the correct note value on which I wanted to base my tuplet.

When “both” tuplets get selected, what that really means is that you have a single tuplet that is split by a barline, so it draws as two tuplets, but really under the hood it’s still just one.