Unwanted voices / rests appearing.

Working on a big project, I have quite simple material in one part. I go to give my attention a different part, and notice later that, spontaneously, an extra voice consisting of rests has appeared in the other part, so my simple material now needs loads of faffing to get it back to where it was.

I think I have a good understanding of how voices work in Dorico, the strange thing is this happens when I’m nowhere near the problem material or parts and time is wasted dealing with it.

See the attached photo. Any ideas about this? Perhaps I’m doing something to provoke it, or perhaps it’s a bug?

When you select a note in that screenshot, what voice does the status bar say it’s in? Rests appear when you add notes into a different voice, depending on your notation options for bar rests in additional voices - perhaps these notes are in a down-stem voice rather than the first up-stem voice? When you say “attention to a different part”, do you mean a different line/voice on this staff or an entirely separate instrument?

If you’re able to post a zip of the project file itself, it might be easier to work out what’s going on.

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As Lillie says it would be helpful to see the project itself, because it’s difficult to debug these kinds of problems from a screenshot. My guess is that this is caused by you inputting a note earlier in the flow that is causing rests in a secondary voice to appear.

Thanks for the replies - I went through and fixed things, and no longer have a version of the file with the problem. I’ll keep your suggestions in mind if it should recur.

Hi - I’m having this problem too.

I have a viola section and when viewed in page view there is an extra rest in every bar in the same voice as the viola’s music (up-stem 1). Strangely, the rests don’t appear when viewed in galley view. Screenshots below.

I have tried changing the voices and defaults several times but can’t get rid of the rests. Any tips?

This is from a piece with a lot of unmeasured bars where I’m deleting rests (I think this is creating new unwanted voices too).


Galley view

Page view

Can you export the viola layout from your project and cut it down to just a handful of bars that exhibit the problem, then attach it here so we can take a look?

I quite often get this with MusicXML imports where a part is, or Dorico thinks it is, in two voices in certain places. If that’s not the case, then just proceed as per Daniel’s advice.