Unwanted Vst preset changes while playing track...

Hi, I’m relatively new to Cubase. I have been using the Cubase 7 Elements trial. Overall I am very pleased with it. However I have an issue at the moment that is halting and further changes to my track.

Essentially I have a part of a track looped using the markers and its is playing through a vst plugin. I am trying to audition different presets when its playing to see what sounds best (different arpeggiators). However when i change the preset it goes back to some horrible sounding preset each time the loop restarts.

When i click ‘show all automation’ it shows about 30 different tracks of automation for this original track. Obviously cubase is treating my auditioning of presets as a form of automation and has recorded my preset auditioning process and is now trying to play it back to me.

All i want to do is change the preset as it is playing and then when i find a preset i like for it to stay as that.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Check that you don’t have a program change MIDI message lurking in your MIDI data or that the channel is not set up to send one.

Make sure that Write Automation (The button with a “W”) is not engaged. Then Cubase shouldn’t record any automation data.

Thanks Svenne.

The ‘W’ was turned off sop its not that. I’ll try and check the MIDI data now, not sure where to find that be will have a look around.

I think its something to do with the fact that I copied parts of a track channel and dragged them into another track channel. Looks like they took their preset with them when they moved to another track. I just assumed it would simply copy the note data from that track into a new one and then be played through whichever synth i use on the new track channel.

You can check your midi data with List Editor

I don’t believe that the List Editor available in CB Elements, otherwise I would have suggested that as the obvious solution.