Unwittingly back to 7.2?

I have been using Nuendo 7.3.5 pretty much since that version came out on a PC running Windows 10 Pro 64 bit.

This morning it started loading all of the plug-ins one by one and i look and it says my version is 7.2.

I downloaded the Nuendo 7.3.5 update and when I started going through the install process it says that 7.3.5 is already installed. When i go to “help” inside of Nuendo it says that i’m using 7.2.

I thought of re-installing but don’t want to lose my settings.

Can anyone provide some levity?

I may be misremembering this, but it seems in the dusty backroom of my old brain that there was a version labeling anomaly that resulted in your exact situation. The gist was, that even though it says you are using 7.2 in the Help, about Nuendo menu, the update is indeed properly installed and you are in fact using Nuendo 7.3.5 You shouldn’t need to do anything, in other words.
Anyone care to verify?
Sorry I didn’t see this post earlier.