up coming session

Im not sure if i can post this here but here goes…Starting today here at planet10studios we are recording a full length cd with Master drummer Marco Minnemann, Master guitarist Guthrie Govan and Master bassist Bryan Beller.
We will be posting tons of pictures of the session here http://www.facebook.com/pages/planet10studios/52524243029 and Guitar World Magazine will be doing a cover story on Guthrie for June which will include information regarding this session and the new cd.
A tour is in the planning stages. You can stay informed of the project by befriending us on Facebook with the link above

we will also be streaming live everyday from the studio at http://www.ustream.tv/user/planet10studios we arent sure of the start times of the sessions or if streaming will be allowed but we will let you know the intimate details of this trio’s intentions!!!

how did this come about: NAMM 2011 Marco had invited the p10 staff to a show featuring Guthrie and Bryan, the show was so well received and the few hundred people there were all asking for cd’s to buy.
Marco called us a week after NAMM and because of our prior recording session and live broadcast with Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater and Daniel Jakubovic of Against the Wall, (http://p10studios.bandcrashers.com)Marco asked to do the record with us!!! and so we were honored and humbled to be a part of this trio and the music that will be made!!!
stay tuned…

Wow, congrats! This will be interesting to see.

Sounds very interesting indeed.