Up/down arrows (now also cursor keys as of 13.0.20) for navigating through preset lists don't work

I just noticed that using the up and down arrows to load the next or previous preset in a VST2 (edit: also VST3 in some cases) instrument is currently broken. The preset name changes but it doesn’t actually load, nor are its parameters reflected on the GUI. The only solution is to use the full patch list instead. However, it works fine for VST3 instruments and VST effects (VST2 and VST3).



Could someone please confirm this issue on a platform other than Windows 11? @Martin.Jirsak?


EDIT: Please ignore the following text. It’s correct but for another topic. :roll_eyes:

I tried to reproduce this many times (the very 1st report I saw in Cubase 9, but the number of reports increased with Cubase 12 and much more with Cubase 13). I have never been able to reproduce it.

But there are reports on Mac platform too.

Thanks Martin. Did you try with VST2 instruments, for example the now free Axon by Audio Damage? It’s weird because I can easily reproduce it on two different Windows 11 computers here, running both Cubase AI 13.

By the way, it makes no difference if I start Cubase in safe mode with the preferences disabled, so it’s not something related to that.

Also, it works fine in Nuendo 12.0.70 on the same computer.

Hi @Jorge_Ruiz ,

I’m sorry, I saw up/down arrows and I immediately thought you were talking about another topic.

To answer your original question: As Mac users, were are not using VST2 plug-ins intensively anymore. On the Apple Silicon Mac processors, the VST2 plug-ins are not supported anymore.

And the VST2 is fading out in general on Steinberg’s side. I think there is no will to put any effort into VST2 anymore.

Developers are not writing software for Win98 anymore. Why are they still writing VST2 plug-ins? :thinking:

Well, I understand your reasoning. However, if something that worked fine on every previous version of Cubase is now broken, it seems odd to me to leave it that way. This issue I reported here affects all VST2 instruments in general, not one plugin in particular. I honestly think it deserves a fix, even as we are all preparing for the ultimate demise of VST2.


I understand your point of view.

I agree, it was working and it doesn’t anymore, so something was broken. On the other hand, fixing it means to bring some effort and time. The same developer could spent the same time to fix something more important, something where Steinberg counts with the feature to the future.

Moreover, most of the VST2 plug-ins don’t have the populated preset list, as far as I know. So this is not even a big deal for the majority of the VST 2 plug-ins.

Nevermind, I asked my friend to check this on his Windows machine.

And in any case, thank you for reporting this! (My point is, I wouldn’t expect an immediat fix.)

Thanks to you Martin for your great work in the forum. This is certainly a minor problem. If it can be fixed so that the latest version of Cubase with VST2 support is complete, it will be perfect, because I think there will be people who will stay on Cubase 13 for compatibility reasons when Cubase no longer supports VST2 in the future.

Hi there, I tested this briefly. Here´s the weird finding.

On my Win 11 laptop, it works like it used in C12, I can navigate the preset list with the arrow key and presets will apply correctly. See screencap below. Applies to the 3-4 VSTi I tested. I couldn´t test Axon, I only have Axon 2, but it shouldn´t make any difference, it´s the same dialog.

On my Win 10 desktop, I can navigate with the arrows, but as soon as I stop pressing the key, the preset is applied, the selection will errr, unselect, and arrow keys will no longer work.

There´s something wrong, but it´s not very straight-forward. I´ll have another look with a few more instruments ASAP or better ASATA.

VST2 Presets

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Hi @Fabio_B. Thanks a lot for testing. Please notice that my report was not so much about navigating through the preset list with the cursor keys, but clicking with the mouse on the up and down arrows at the top of the GUI, to the right of the preset name.

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Oh, sorry, I jumped too fast on the “up and down arrows”.
But still, I have another weird finding :grimacing:

It works fine with Dune CM, with Alpha CM it works for 4-5 presets, then stops working. So it seems like it´s actually plugin-specific.
Any chances you´ve noticed that with other plugins besides Axon? If you could name a few, here or via PM, I´d have a bigger pool to check out. Thanks!

Yes. In fact, I’d say I’ve noticed it with all the VST2 instruments I’ve tried, but I don’t have them installed on this particular computer, so I’ll try and report when I get home this afternoon. By the way, the old Axon VST2 can now be downloaded for free from the Legacy section of the Audio Damage website, in case you are interested on giving it a try.

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Downloading, thanks :+1:

Ok, I just found out that it can also affect VST3 instruments if they use the old VST2 preset list style. Please try FB-3100 or PECS VST3 by Full Bucket from here:

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Weird enough, Axon also works fine here.

VST2 Presets 2

Will narrow down later on, I might contact you via PM if need be.

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Weird indeed.


I’m on Cubase AI, by the way, I don’t know if that can be a factor here.

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Checked it as well just to be sure: same.
But I have something to work on.


Just to report that 13.0.20 fixed this issue. However, there is a new issue that involves using the cursor keys with the preset lists in the Inspector, which I’ll discuss later.