Up/Down Arrows should per default Navigate Up/Down in the Search Results

When searching for anything in Nuendo/Cubase, a weird software design decision have been made:

Pressing Up/Down arrows triggers the function of keys “Home/End” in the text field instead of navigating in the list of search results. This goes for anything searchable such as Output, Input, Midi In/Outs, Groups, Project Search etc.

Workaround is to press Tab to navigate down to the list, but that is an unnecessary step, and it’s annoying that you manually need to jump between text input and result list.

Why is Up/Down triggering Home/End, when we already have the Home/End keys on the keyboard? It makes no sense, and no other software in the world behaves like this.

Please make the Up/Down arrows navigate in the list (as they should), it’s the most intuitive solution.



This has been asked for again and again - it’s one of those seemingly obvious omissions that Steinberg refuses to change since years. sigh

I think I understand what you mean. In some cases, yes it would be better if the focus was on the list by default rather than on the search box.

In ALL cases.

There is already a key for what the arrows now do: It’s called Home/End. Why have two keys with the same function on the keyboard instead of doing what is actually intuitive and practical?