Up/Down keys don't get sent to the MIDI editor

This is very strange, at first I thought it was me fiddling around that did something silly, but this has now happened three times in the past 24 hours.

The MIDI editor simply stops receiving the Up/Down input from the keyboard, even though it has focus. Instead Cubase decides to send the Up or Down key command to the main panel:

I select a note in the MIDI editor, I press ctrl+left and the note moves left (just to check it has focus), but when I press up - instead of moving the note up one semitone, it moves the track selection in the main window.

Restarting Cubase fixes it. But this is annoying, anyone know what’s going on?


This report is appearing time to time here on the forum. Unfortunately there is no clear reproduction, so it’s difficult to catch it for Steinberg.

Dang, I tried to remember what I did to reproduce it but so far no luck. If I figure it out I’ll let Steinberg now then…

I have the same issue quite often. When I try to transpose notes in the key editor, suddenly it doesn’t work and the previous/next track is selected instead in the track edit window (which I have open on a separate screen all the time). The only workaround is to close the track edit window temporarily, and after a while it will work again. Please fix this, it’s really annoying.

see if you have the track editor window (I don´t know how is it called in english, the one with the eqs and sends and inserts or the midi one) opened on the background