Up/Down stave jumping

I’ll move up and down while in editing mode to work on different instruments. Previously it reliably goes up/down one stave, but recently - only in the percussion - it jumps by somewhere between two and six lines. The computer has rebooted several times in the meantime for other reasons so it’s not just some weird situation the program got into, but is there anything or any settings that determine this?

In the set up layout section, do you have the percussion instrument list in the order that you want it to be?

I’d need to see the specific project to be able to provide any helpful insight into this. If you can zip up and attach a minimal version of the project that reproduces the issue, I’ll be happy to take a look.

RWW yes the percussion are set up the way I want.

Thanks Daniel, I exported just the one flow and the problem disappeared in it. I’ll see if I can isolate a reproducible file file for you.