Up grading my set up need advice

Been using my trusty Mac Book Pro (2011) with Cubase 6, but my computer is on it’s last legs… I’m getting the dreaded video anomalies and crashes so I either have to invest 500 euros in a 6 year old computer or bite the bullet and upgrade everything. The Apple store is willing to give me a 500 euro discount on a new Mac Book Pro or a 50% discount to repair my old Mac.

I’m looking at the new Mac Book Pro with touch bar, intel 4 core i7 processor. Comes with Sierra, Mac OS 10.12 and has 4 thunder bolt ports. My Cubase 6 wont run on it so I’ll upgrade to Cubase 9. I’m using a Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 for my sound card and according to their web will work with the new Mac OS…

My question is… How do I do the upgrade to Cubase 9? Is it just a download with an authorization that will work with my old Cubase USB dongle? Since the new computer only has Thunder Bolt ports will there be any problem using adapters to use my USB key and connect up my older studio gear?

Thanks in advance, Daveinspain

Yes, you can use your old dongle, and you’ll receive a download of the version 9 installer.
I don’t know about eLicenser dongles and thunderbolt ports, but I imagine that’ll work fine.

I’m not that surethats gonna work out fine. Have to use converters for that i guess.