Up your game Steinberg!

So, does Cubase 12 work on your system?
If yes, I’d just use it.

(Note: René Magritte made great paintings, but not sure he played the 88 keys :wink: )

I haven’t yet tried 12 on my system.

I’ve always liked Magritte’s artwork ever since I studied art at school all those years ago. Maybe Lautrec is more appropriate, drawing on the Moulin Rouge/musical establishment parallel.

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If you get Logic you’re going to have to deal with Apple, and I can tell you from personal experience you will be even more unhappy with business practices, especially where it concerns compatibility with non-current OS versions.

Really ? Strange , as C11 is on the E licenser and Steinberg will at some point be dropping support for the dongle so selling non supported software seems a bit odd

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Seems I knew about 12 purchases not giving a conduit to earlier versions…and I totally forgot over the course of time :slight_smile:

As an aside, I like installing and using old versions such as cb 5, 8, 9.5 etc for windows when I feel the urge.

If I were an incoming Mac user at the current moment in time (or even an incoming win user) , I’d personally…and this is just me …I’d go to Amazon & buy 10.5 for $580 or whatever…and a new elicenser…just to have access to all the old versions (for the time being). And then also buy 12.

Like I say, it’s not a route for everyone, but it does work as an option…unless I’m wrong on that too :slight_smile:

I better buy a backup elicenser while I’m thinking about it. Where are we with the server shutoff coundown? January?

Terrible customer experience for you. I guess the level of quality support you receive also has to do with the country you’re living in. Steinberg lets its distributor for each particular country/region handle the support. These are often not even Steinberg/Yamaha employees.
Of course, you could care less about the details, I just mention them anyways.

I assume the problem with giving you a Cubase 11 license is that they’d actually need to give you a USB dongle. Maybe they don’t have any to spare anymore.
It might be more advisable to obtain a Cubase 11 license and dongle through the second hand market, ie. from former users.

@Boomboom88, I replied to the pending ticket you still had with us but I will comment on this here as well. The information that an old eLicenser based license will be issued as a replacement for a newly purchased Cubase 12 license was incorrect and I have to apologize for that. I will make sure that every support agent is aware that we do not do this.
We are moving away from the eLicenser license management and will discontinue it eventually. Revoking a purchased license in favor of an older deprecated one wouldn’t be acceptable business practice either - at least not in my books. Purchasing a Cubase 12 now means no backwards compatibility. Yes, that doesn’t sound customer friendly but it is the much-needed cut we had to do and the first in well over 20 years.


Thanks Ed, and thanks for replying to my support ticket.

I must admit , i did kick up a bit of a fuss about newbies not being able to access older versions of Cubase with the new licencing system , i can see why it’s happened but from a pro studio point of view how would you handle this with a client that has a project say in Cubase 7.5 or 8 , turn the client down ?
It does seem a but harsh to be honest to be a Cubase user and not be able to use backward software ,but i suppose if you have an Atari you have to find a dongle or buy one so …
The only real way around this now is by making sure the client has rendered all tracks to audio and importing the stems .


You can open Cubase 7.5 projects in Cubase 12 and vice versa.

You can but , with fx missing and instruments , changed midi behaviour , and routing issues . Ive been doing this for years bringing all old projects up to date just to make sure they stay compatible with new versions , you never know when you wanna remix or revisit a 34 year old song :grin: :sweat_smile:

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Of course you cannot expect the new FXs will be part of the old version. You wouldn’t have them if you would open the project in the old version either. So if you need to keep the backwards compatibility, you have to have this in mind.

And this is why i have a machine loaded with Sx3 C5 , 7.5 and 10 , i also have a Mega 4 with Cubase, we are just going round in cycles here but this is why i say the new comers are getting a bit of a raw deal but i suppose the other way of looking at it is we have paid Steinberg for the privilege for over half of our lives :wink:

The newcomers will not have old Cubase projects.

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But their clients might

Even for yourself it’s worth doing when saving a project after significant changes, It’s a lot easier now since the new export options and queues that you can trigger.

Trouble is, all the projects with a few bars of ideas, exporting them out at the time seems pointless as you sometimes close them with ambitions to go back, but never do.

I’ve lost lots of projects over the years because of that, and now their plugins don’t load or I don’t have the instruments no more as they were 32 bit era.

It’d be nice to have the option in Cubase to have “Save and Archive” or something, where it saves your project as usual, but it also renders all tracks to stems in a sub-folder, zips it up and datestamps it.


That’s interesting, but for me all these snippets lost to time are just what’s caught in “the great filter of time” as I like to think of it. If an idea is worth my while, it WILL come back eventually. Ok, maybe I’ve lost the original effects, sounds, whatevers, but my future self rarely agrees with my past self, so I rework those ideas as they come, until they’re good enough / clear enough as to solidify into an actual project.

Of course I’m only talking about sketches, snippets, few bars setting a mood etc… not complete pieces of music.



I never used Cubase 12 in Mojave, but it is working here in Catalina (unsupported early 2011 macbook pro running Catalina from Dosdude patch). Maybe OP should try on Mojave, or ask for a refund (because support was giving him wrong info).