Upbeat D&B

This is the first song I have been able to finish all summer - kinda nice to be back making music.
Tell me what you think - I think I was able to get the volumes and instruments pretty spot-on but I am not too sure…

Impressed as usual, especially knowing that you use all bundled effects and instruments. Mix sounds good on my end.

For fun, I imported it into Wavelab and pulled up the 3D frequency analysis, and this has one of the most balanced spectrums I’ve seen from 30Hz to 10k, it looked better than most commercial songs :exclamation:

Definitely glad to have you back around, keep it rolling buddy. :sunglasses:

Thanks for the compliments - and good to be back. Out of curiosity… would you mind maybe explaining your findings in more layman’s terms? :confused: What do you mean by a balanced spectrum? Like consistent audio levels…?

I really enjoyed this. Nice melody and I like the way the lead synth comes in at about 3:20.

Maybe the drums were a bit too low compared to the lead synths?

Good job!

nice job on the song…I liked the play of variety on the 4 chord pattern. Mix was balanced and clean.

very nice instrumental…dunno why everyone keeps calling instrumentals songs…go figure!!
really well arranged and you’ve kept it interesting throughout, nice uplifting feel about it, thought the lead instrument was a bit up in the mix for my taste but we are all different and come at things from different angles…

this is a quality forum and you’ve just made it even better…Kevin

Very nice song!
Need a repeat button :sunglasses:

What synth is that lead?

You make magic with your synths. Like your play on chords and the mixing of different sounds. Am I the only one to think it needs a stronger bass line? I really like the sound at 2:36, it’s heaven !! Michael.

More or less. It just means the distribution of frequencies is extraordinarily even across the audible spectrum.