Upbeat Electronica

This was a very fun track to make. This was the first time I tried this triplet musical beat, can someone please tell me what the tempo is? (minus the bridge). Is it like 4/6 or still 4/4?

Time signature and tempo are two different things.

There are two types of time, perfect and imperfect. Personally I’ve never ever had to write anything in an imperfect time because it just never happens when I come up with melodies. I think you’d have to go out of your way to write stuff in imperfect time signature. I imagine it’s more useful for the masterful scores of really odd groupings of notes you hear in Tom & Jerry cartoons etc.

Anyway, in perfect time there are simple and compound times. In simple time the left number states the number of beats in the bar and the right number states the duration of each individual beat. So 4/4 has 4 crotchets (or quarter notes) per bar, 3/4 has 3 crotchets per bar etc. In compound time the left number states the inner pulsations in the bar and the right number states the note duration. So 6/8 would have 6 pulses of quavers (eighth notes.) Since there are 6 notes in the bar that groups them into 2 sets of triplets which means you’d naturally accent the first note of each triplet group, giving you two accents per bar. My recent pirate music is in 6/8 because it has a nice skippy kinda rhythm when you accent the first note of each triplet. I might have missed some things out but it’s late :stuck_out_tongue:

Forget the 12/8 talk, I notated it and it’s 4/4. You can start to experiment with time signatures and stuff, you have some nice melodic ideas, although your chord/harmony needs some expanding really! If the piece is in a major key, just have a B section that starts and is based around the relative minor of that key as a starting point.

Good going so far anyway, the melody is really cool but it’d be nicer to hear it developed and expanded with chord variations instead of just repeating the same few chords over and over. The drum variation is good, but doesn’t last long enough or develop. I think that’s a point where you could continue to develop the rhythmic element in combination with a new set of chords.

That’s a catchy tune, nice work :slight_smile:
I love the breakbeat you got halfway in the song, much more interesting than the 4 to the floor pounding in the intro, but then again that’s my personal preference, I always find straight quarter note kickdrums boring :stuck_out_tongue:

I had to render this song over 11 times, and one main problem that is still in the finished product is the filter on the bass not working right. If you listen, during the last set of chorus it sounds like the snare is a fraction of a second off in some places, but is actually the bass. I would use sidechain, but obviously I can’t. Does anyone know of any good free sidechain or gate plugins to tide me off for the few months until I (finally) upgrade?