Dear Daniel,

Here is my problem: I had a bar in 12/8. Now I want to add an upbeat (eighth note), so I type Shift+M on the bar, I insert “12/8,1”, and it gives a bar marked “12/8” with a upbeat of an eighth, however the main bar following only contains 11 eighths! I shot the screen below, so you can see my problem! How could I have a proper 12/8 bar following the upbeat?

Thanks for your help

The only reason I can think of that this might not have worked as you expect is that you have another time signature at the end of the first bar of 12/8. Is that right? Unfortunately if so then you will have to remove each time signature in turn because you can’t currently shuffle time signatures along in insert mode – this is something that we hope to address soon.

Dear Daniel,

Actually yes, you’re right, I have a 9/8 bar right after the first bar in 12/8, and it switches all along the piece between 9/8 and 12/8… so I have to remove every time signature, then put the first 12/8 with e. upbeat, then put again every time signature along the piece?


I don’t think you have to do that.
Just insert am empty bar at the start.
Now make your upbeat as before.
In the empty bar now there is one note from the following bar.
Then insert a barline before this note.
You are left with one empty bar with 11 beats.
Delete this bar.


Perhaps (as a work-around) you could create a new file with the necessary instruments and include the pickup, and then copy and paste the existing music into the new file starting at the appropriate position in the first complete measure. Then add the pickup note(s).