upc/ean display error?

In the CD window of a montage - the upc/ean button shows “upc/ean” when there is no entry. After entering a code, the button changes to show the actual code numbers thus showing that a code has been entered and its actual value. So far, so good.

Now render a DDP image with an embedded upc/ean code and then import that image back to a montage. The upc/ean button shows “upc/ean”, as if it is empty. However, if you click the button, the pop up window shows the correct code. Then when you close that window the button again reverts incorrectly to “upc/ean”. We burned a CD from that DDP import and the UPC is indeed there, so the mechanicals seem ok. Its just the display in the montage gives a potentially false indication.

Odd, as regular montages behave ok… just the resulting montages from a DDP import are goofy.

Right. This will be corrected.