Upcoming Mac Pro

Is there anyone planning to get the upcoming Mac Pro once it’s out ?

I am considering to buy it, however It depends on the price they will sell it…

Yes, the price will be a factor. I am also curious about how all the interfaces will perform. Will there be more latency because TB that has to be converted to Firewire or USB? What about an external Expansion Chassis for PCIe Cards ? Will it have the same performance like the internal one?

And the Cubase 7 question is…?

I know that the hardware forum would probably be more appropriate, but its here that Innovation meets innovation :wink:

As we are going to soon be adding a video division,
we have a budget for two at approx $7500.00 each.

And possibly adding the Nuage system to the mix.

So I guess you are aiming at the top-level 12-core system.? I would be very grateful if you could give us some feedback here about how well Cubase (behaves :slight_smile: and) performs on this system. I also plan to upgrade my studio asap and besides film scoring we do a lot of video-editing. Right now I use Cubase in combination with FCP and Motion and the Combo works great. My only problem is that my current system never has enough raw power. I really could use more VSTis for orchestrations and often I find myself waiting, while some video-FX are rendering…

Video pros are chomping at the bit for this machine to come out!

Don’t really see much in the line of Thunderbolt audio gear, however.

Maybe in a year or two…

Sounds like you’d be better off with two separate workstations (video, audio).

Basically right but we already have 4 workstations. 3 in the main studio and 1 in another room which is used mainly to lay down ideas. Still when working I find myself waiting sometimes…

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Aloha C,

Will do. The good and the bad.

Even tho’ the business/clients are really paying for this,
still there will be lot’s o’ $$$ being spent here so I want to be
as up front/open and honest as I can about this gear.

I am imagining four 4k monitors…ummmmm
Finger crossed.


Aloha C,

Very much appreciated! I`m sure there will be quite a few people here who will be curious about your findings.


On the basis of pre-release information, the new MacPro doesn’t seem to be ideally targeted for audio. The extra graphic power will not help (though it will if some bright plug-in programmer feels it’s worth using it for DSP processing) and extra hardware is needed to incorporate many audio interfaces and PCIe cards. I’m sure it will be pretty good for speed, with faster memory etc, but for me I decided to replace my 6 year old 8-core 2.8GB mac with the last of the 6-core 3.3 machines.

On the other hand I’d love to have one for video editing.

Ask yourself: WERE IS THE POWER???

PSU POWER are needed to perform. LOW PSU Watt, what is the cost?
What apple has done with this new Mac (PRO) is make everything and performance “sleep”.

This stupidity small case that can’t even support a express card…
Small case = a lot of heat. Lower the performance, “sleep” = no heat… like the same as a laptop…

I just saying… :wink:

Best Regards

So you gonna get one? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I agree that it doesn’t seem to be targeted for audio, but the 12-cores in one chip, opposed to 2 x 6-cores could make a difference. And does it make a difference if the chip is designed for desktops or notebooks? Have not figured it out yet. Of course I would have preferred a workstation with lots of space for HDs inside, but then we have a dedicated room for all the machines and a shelf for the Raids, Burners and HDs. I prefer it really quiet and have only the interfaces near my workplace. Still a bit of reorganization will be necessary. And putting the main working Raids outside of the box has the advantage that there is always enough space, even when I want to use 5 or 10 disks as a RAID. I will wait how real world experiences are and then decide if also getting the current six-core or the upcoming new one.

You guys looking for more VSTi juice ought to consider Vienna Ensemble Pro and a second machine locked away in a cupboard (without even the need for that to be connected to a display). It works great :slight_smile: