The Steinberg guys were so kind to allow me to post this here. Thanks!

As a further development from my initial German book “Mastering with PC Workstations” and the same named DVD series I am now working on the finalization of a new book release in English and German language.

WaveLab 8 is the main program I am referring to. I show the ideal workflow approaches and a number of workflow alterations.
The first 350 pages are already done but for finalization I need your support.
In order to get it going I have started a crowd funding campaign which is more a pre-order option with a lot of nice perks.

I would be very happy if you guys (and girls, for the sake of completeness :wink:) would spread the word and pre-order as this is the only option to get the book finished and printed on the highest possible level.

Here you will find more about the book and the campaign: http://igg.me/at/Audio-Mastering-Book

Thank you for your support.