Update 10.0.15 does nothing at all

The 10.0.15 update of 06 Feb 2019 makes absolutely no change in my Elements 10 installation. The splash and Help->About… boxes still show “Version 10.0.10 Build 100 - Built on Dec 11 2018”, and I have no color tool anywhere in sight.

Also, the transport panel still disappears every time you open a project, which is a ridiculous annoyance and should be fixed in the first update after it was “introduced”.

I installed it, uninstalled, re-booted, re-installed: same thing.
Deleted UserPreferences.xml, defaults.xml: nope, still at 10.0.10.



It sounds like your Cubase had not been updated.

Is your Cubase Installed on the system C drive? Are you sure you were installing Cubase Elements update?

A: yes to both questions.

I think I might know what happened. I use Revo Uninstaller Pro for installing/uninstalling programs. After I installed Elements (10.0.10), I uninstalled a 9.5 update that remained on my machine. I may have removed registry entries that are used by Cubase 10. Maybe.

I’m going to check if I can do a repair, or uninstall everything and install 10.0.15 (is it available via the Download Assistant?) or reinstall 10.0.10 then the 10.0.15 update again.

I’m new to Cubase and what with the Licenser and the various pieces of software needed to install the main program (Download Assistant still proposing yet another “useful” intermediary program?), the way versions overlap on your drive without choice of simply replacing, the lack of “where do you want to put” presets etc., it’s really a messy program from a system management standpoint.