Update 10.5

Hi, I have updated to Cubase 10.5 but it was a big mistake, so that money is wasted. Now I intend to return to Cubase 9.5 again. How long can Steinberg keep selling unfinished products it’s shameful. When you buy an update, and if it doesn’t work within a week, for example, you should be able to cancel the purchase and get your money back if you’re not satisfied. So it is with other products.
I have missed many deadlines because Steinberg’s unfinished products. Cubase is a professional product. So I, as a professional musician, expect professional treatment. I don’t have time to figure out how all the new updates work, they have to work.

Cubase 10.5 was released over 3 years ago. We’re currently about halfway through version 12’s life cycle.

I’m sorry that you’re having trouble, but just like in your last topic, nobody can help you if you don’t provide any details about what’s getting in your way. Nobody knows whether you’re having some technical issue or if you simply aren’t understanding how some feature works. What are your system specifications? Is your OS supported by Cubase 10.5?

yes odd isn’t it ? you haven’t been able to buy 10.5 since November 11th 2020

after 2 years ?

I feel that about learning to play the violin - I expect it just to work, I don’t have time to figure it out.

To misquote Wilde - “To miss one deadline seems like misfortune, to miss many…”

sorry for such a snarky reply - and I love to read a totally useless rant as much as the next guy, but Cay, if you want help then at least meet us halfway.

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I think there are too many errors I discover all the time. If you work quickly and have a break and the producer is waiting, then you don’t have time to start emailing and waiting for answers, you find other ways to fix the job.
Now I have taken the time to learn all the functions of Cubase. So I installed C 10.5 which I have bought years ago, it was a mistake. Why didn’t I install it earlier? I didn’t dare, I don’t want to get into trouble.
An example, I’ve been having problems with Note Expression I can’t get it to work, what is it that I don’t understand? I went to the Cubase Forum and realize that everyone with Cubase 10.5 is having problems with Note expression. So…?
I have worked with Cubase for 30 years
I have Monterey

Unfortunately, Cubase 10.5 isn’t compatible with Monterey.

The instrument needs to support note expression, which is part of the VST3 spec but not mandatory - so sadly, not many third party plugins support it. That may have been your issue?

Cay - if you really want to get help with the problems then can I really respectfully suggest you start listing the problems and questions you have.

Keep it simple and just stick to one problem/question per thread - giving as much information as yo can.

Most people on this forum are really friendly (I’m not!) and knowledgeable (I’m not!) and will do their best to help (I rarely do!)

In general people find a way of making Cubase working very reliably - I’m sure you can get there too.


Good morning.
So C 10.5. is not compatible with Monterey? so the problem gets bigger and bigger. This is what I mean, I don’t have time for such long discussions about why things don’t work.

I use NI Session horns.
Midi recorded with Ewi 5000
Expression maps are not responding
I make my own Expression maps for 3 part instruments

You wrote about learning to play the violin. The learning part is over for me.
I started with Notator and Atari computer. So I’ve gone through every version of Cubase over 30 years. So I can demand certain things.
I’m not a tech geek, I’m a musician Cubase is my instrument and the instrument must work, you shouldn’t do a setup before every time you play.

I update if I’m sure it works, that’s why I used C 9.5 with Mojave OS for many years. And now I thought I would have a festive moment and update my programs. But it didn’t happen.
So this discussion ends with I have to buy C 12 and I lose, although my feeling remains that you are also wrong.

I saw there was an update to C10.5 maybe something will be better.

But I write when I get into trouble.

Thanks Cayabaja

I’m not sure what you are expecting posting on this forum ?

Are you just wanting to ‘waste’ time by posting how terrible everything is and that you aren’t interested in resolving anything ? - in that case carry on. It achieves nothing apart from venting. I’m not interested in being ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. … I’m often wrong !

Nobody here knows you - we’re just trying to help…for free, because the want to see your system work. It’s totally up to you what you want to do…

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If you’re a professional who isn’t on top of checking their gear is compatible then the problem isn’t getting bigger, you’re just looking in the wrong place as to what the cause is.

If you don’t want to change or learn anything, then why not just sit on out-dated software and be happy? Everything you’ve written above seems more like a lack of knowledge than any inherent software problems.

A solution does exist otherwise, and that’s if you start threads related to the problems and let fellow users help you out? If you haven’t got time then you’ll just have to default to staying out of date.

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Yes, I lack knowledge, many Cubase users do, it’s a big program
Therefore, updates must work

Therefore I used my C 9.5 for many years. So I update and it doesn’t work.

I read forums and posts before I update. But this time I didn’t, I thought all the problems I read about before were fixed.

But the main question for me is.
I want to compose and play music
Not dealing with technical problems or sitting and chatting on different forums.
I love Cubase as a work tool, but the update work must be better.

Now I finish this and I will come back with my technical problems.

Thanks Cayabaja

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C10.5 does work, I used it for more than a year. Expression maps definetly work.

Can you upgrade to C11?

you can’t buy C11 any more - and if you upgrade to C12 then I strongly suspect that your elicencer will show “cubase 10.5 upgraded to C12” and won’t run C11 - SB should upgrade the elicenser to a C11 version first as part of the 10.5 >. 12 upgrade

interesting question though - as previously a licence allows you to run every earlier version…but probably not in this case.

Thanks Dr., interesting indeed.

Well, I assume he is still able to run 9.5.
I’m on Windows, so I don’t know mucj about anything Apple related. But C10.5 was a great and stable version for us on Windows

yes 10.5 was one of the good ones :slight_smile:

TBH I’m still doing most of my work in V11 as I like having rewire that was dropped in V12.

I liked rewire too!
I jumped from 10.5 straight to 12.
My system is now kind of stable now, but 12 still has a long road to be 10.5/11 qualified, I think

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