Update 2.1 where are the files now saved inside the ipad?

I updated Dorico iPad 2.1, before the files were automatically saved in a folder inside the ipad, if I opened a file from the cloud this was duplicated in the ipad likewise if I stopped a project from scratch on the ipad the project was saved in the folder “dorico” inside the ipad, now this folder is no longer there… and I do not know where the files were being saved, they appear in the HUB of dorico ipad but I do not know where the files are inside the ipad… They are still duplicated but now I can only access them directly from the HUB within the dorico ipad app.

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They are still saved to the local Dorico folder. I created a new project today, after the update to D2.1, and it has been saved to the local Dorico folder.

I deleted the application and reinstalled it on my ipad, and the folder no longer appears as before.

Now I see this option in the app settings, but I don’t see any dorico folder inside the iCloud Drive folder either.

Something iffy clearly is going on. I think this is one for the developers. Btw, I also have iCloud ticked, but it still saves everything locally, so yeah, something iffy is going on.

@dspreadbury Greetings daniel any idea what is going on with my iPad app?

If you delete Dorico from your iPad, then I’m afraid all projects that you had saved in the app’s own folder are removed. iOS gives you a stern warning about deleting apps, that if you do so, all data associated with the app will be deleted. So I’m afraid if you proceeded to delete the app, then you have deleted all those projects.

This is one of the reasons why we are prioritising Open in Place support for Dorico for iPad, so that you can open projects from e.g. iCloud Drive or Dropbox or other similar cloud storage locations, and any changes you make will be saved back to that original location, rather than the project being copied into the app’s own container and thus liable to being removed when you delete the app from your device.

Thank you for your time Daniel I appreciate it very much.

I fully understand that deleting the app deletes everything that’s not a problem. The situation here is that after upgrading to 2.1 my folder no longer appeared on the iPad, it just vanished. I have all my backup in iCloud to continue working with my projects in the desktop version and on iPad.

My workflow was as follows:
Create a project in the desktop version and save it to iCloud, then if needed I would open it from the iPad to continue editing and that project would be duplicated in the iPad “folder”, once finished editing on iPad I would “share” the project back to iCloud and replace the cloud file so it would be up to date when I opened in the desktop version, and proceed to delete the file from the iPad folder.

So far so good, despite having to make those moves while updating that feature in the future, I learned to work that way and all ok.

Before updating I noticed that if I deleted all projects from dorico ipad , the folder disappeared, but when I re-created or opened a project on the iPad the project was saved again in the folder which reappeared.

When I upgraded to 2.1 I did not have any projects saved on the iPad so the folder was gone at that time.

With version 2.1 installed I started working on a pending project that I always open from the iCloud and everything was fine, but I noticed that the folder no longer appeared on the iPad, the project was saved only in the HUB of the app.

Then I decided to delete and reinstall the app to see if the problem was solved, but no, the folder still does not appear on the iPad, the projects that I open on the iPad only appear in the hub.

I turned off and turned on the iPad and the Dorico folder appeared in the files app, now I am wondering why in the iPad apps configuration this storage option appears, it appears by default but they are still saved inside the iPad.

I’m not sure why that appears – at the moment, Dorico does not support saving to iCloud Drive by default. But that is something we are certainly planning for the future.

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