Update 9.5.15, coming very soon.

It seems, after reading a lot of posts, that this will cure a lot of problems with 9.5.1 so my question is when? It is the 19th of November and the end of the month is fast approaching so ???

Just wondering?

Yes, should be end of this month.

Today is the 27th… The end of the month is FAST approaching, FYI

He knows of course. If it doesn’t come out this month it’s because the update isn’t quite done yet.

Did I miss an announcement for a November update?

A few posts above.

PG…? ; )

PG has confirmed several times that there will be an update before the end of this month which is still a few days away. My guess is that Steinberg logistics was busy with Cubase 9.5 update and now there is bandwidth to handle a WaveLab update.

I hope so, then i can finally use 9.5 since for me it was unworkable.

Will a trial version of WaveLab be available to potential new customers?

Yes, a trial will be available soon.

Really going for the END of November i see… ; )

The version is released today… internally to Steinberg… it will need a few days to travel to the “download area”. Next week…

Thanks for the update PG, always very much appreciated. Will it be Mac OS High Sierra compatible?

Thanks PG. I hope that the update addresses issues surrounding the RestoreRig. Are you in a position to let us know what the update contains?

PG’s ???END OF THE MONTH??? versus Steinberg’s end of the month (notice they never said WHAT month. Still waiting…

This coming week

I’m sorry to say that but I recommend to give PG the room to develop WaveLab instead to force him (in capital letters!) to answer the same question about the update release more than one time.

He already stated that the release version was handed over to SB. We have to wait until the release. That simple.

It’s a very comfortable position that the main developer is willing to support WaveLab in the way he does…

I hold PG in the highest esteem. He did his work and got it to Steinberg who always seem to delay the release of any program or update. PG originally said it would be by the end of November and here it is December 3 and NOTHING. It is like Steinberg wants to delay everything to suit their time table even though the people at Wavelab got their job done on time. Why is that??? I will sit patiently and wait but just once in a while it would be nice for Steinberg to release things ON TIME. FWIW.

Stupidity harsh. No need for the shouting, it’s going to get you nowhere.