update 9.5.4

hope will help :sunglasses:


I don’t think this is a crash dump. It seems like exe file to me. The crash dump file are stored in the Documents/Steinberg/crash dump folder.

Ok i made it by myself i didnt no there is folder i well send you the right one soon

there is 3 inside thanks
CrashDumps.rar (428 KB)

9.5.4 just blew up in a session. Can anyone take a look at the dmp file attached?
Cubase 64bit 2018.10.27 16.17.dmp (633 KB)


I will have a look tomorrow.

What did you do? What were the last steps?

Nothing out of the ordinary. I was trying out my new Helix. Running it into my Apollo. I always track via the Apollo. It’s a Twin USB.

I had just done a few takes when I armed a track to do another and it just crashed very quickly. Usually my crashes (very few) are involved with a freeze, then it disappears.

I had been thinking when I updated I was lucky enough not to have any issues.

Hopefully you can make some sense of this.

Thanks for taking a look Martin,


Thank you for the detailed info.

I will resolve the crash tomorrow (I don’t have the needed tool right now).

I would guess, this is the already known issue of Cubase 9.5.40, Cubase sometimes crashes while Record. It should be related to the 64-bit float Profess Precision only. Steinberg is going to release hot-fix within the next week. This issue will be fixed there.

Once I will resolve the crash dump, I can say, if it was exactly this crash or not. I will come back to you.


This is the known crash for CUbase 9.5.40. Because of this crash, there is hotfix of C9.5.40 planned for this week. Please update, once the hotix is out.


I can see 3 different crash sources:

  1. Serum_x64 (plug-in?)
  2. AudioBlockAccessStream > ntdll!RtlEnterCriticalSection: should be fixed by installing the latest WIndows update.
  3. NI Massive > VCRUNTIME140! > KERNELBASE: Plug-in or Windows issue.

I have searched every way I know how but cannot find Serum. I do remember downloading a synth as part of a deal to get Ozone 8 at a discount. I cannot find it anywhere though.

Sadly I’m on Windows Insider (since canceled).

I will keep a log on my issues, but this is a random issue for me at this point.

Thanks for the insight Martin,


Serum 64 bit :+1:

Cubase Pro 9.5.40 crashes on spectral analysis. Does anybody else has this bug? Cheers


It doesn’t crash to me here.

Could you share the crash dump, please?

Hi Martin!
Here are my crash dumps.
All the best
CrashDumps.rar (923 KB)


Thank you, reported to Steinberg (CAN-18992).

Thanks for the update 9.5.41 all good so far :+1:

MEDIA BAY not playing in sync on playback. Only if you drag and drop the file in Cubase will the files playback in time. Just updated to ver 9.5.41 still not working…


Make sure Align Beats to Project is enabled in the MediaBay Preview, please.

Thanks for reply M. Everything is enabled at the bottom right corner in the Previewer pane. But still it seems to play behind the project?