update C8.0.5 fail !

i want to update C8 , but impossible to do this !
elicenser and WIN7 are updated so i don’t understand !!
is there something to change in the properties ?
thanx for your advices !

Not much to go on…what o/s, what is happening??

well difficult for me to explain in English :wink:

i start the installer but it don’t stay on screen as usually !
i use to do this kind of update but the it is the first time i got this problem
is there something to change in the properties/compatibilities ?

i’m on Win 7 !

OK. First let’s check your installer is the correct one and isn’t orrupted.

Right click on the installer and show properties - Is it 77.0Mb exactly?

Did you try re-downloading in case it was corrupted?

yes ! 77Mb !

i will try to reload it !

hey i had the same trouble … it was fixed by installing the sp1 for windows 7 -
think its the 64 bit version wont work on windows 7 unless you hase sp1…

Also note that 8.10 is now available…no need to install 8.05 if you didn’t manage to.

cool !
i look at that !

C8.0.10 installed without problem ! all is ok :wink:
thanx to the guys who tried to help me :wink: