Update Control Surface to Clicked or Selected Track

There is a feature in Pro Tools that I absolutely love and that is Control+Shift clicking on a track or channel strip will move that track to the top or left respectively of the screen and most importantly it will update the left most control surface channel strip to the selected channel.

This makes it so much more useful to have a control surface and easy to update where you are without having to bank through to find the selected channel on your control surface. Kind of silly I had to buy a PreSonus Fader port and use up even more deskspace when I already have a MCU (Mackie Control Universal), plus it only updates to the selected channel in 32 bit mode which puts me back to square one.

If Steinberg could implement this via key command as well that would be even better then then the Pro Tools implementation of this since I could then assign a button to update to the top selected track or left most selected channel strip.

For what it’s worth a macro with

Devices - Mixer
Channel & Track Visibility - Agents: Show Channels that are Connected to the First Selected Channel
Project - Bring To Front

Works great when Visibility “Sync Project and MixConsole” is unlinked to update all the connected channels on your control surface for the highest selected track without hiding all the tracks you are working on. Not quite the same as what I am hoping Steinberg will implement with moving the fader to the left or track to the top and displaying all the following tracks/channel strips on the control surface but a workaround for single channels you may need.

Oddly enough the similar macro doesn’t work the same on the Mac it always hides the tracks in the Project window even though it is not linked with MixConsol 1.

Devices - Mixer
Channel & Track Visibility - Agents: Show Only Selected Channels/Tracks
Project - Bring To Front

I even added “Agents: Undo Visibility Change” to the macro and it didn’t work, needs a delay. I just have to do that by key command otherwise.
Focus Control Surface on Selected Tracks Unfortunately Hides Project Tracks Even When Unlinked From Mixer 1.jpg