Update Cubase 11 to Cubase 12

I updated to Cubase 12 from Cubase 11 it seems to work fine. :smiley:
I have windows 10 and still have the USB-Dongle in the Computer.

But I have some questions I´m worried about.

When I updated (Install all) A lot of folders were installed in downloadsfolder in Windows.
That didn´t happend before in privious Cubase: Only Cubase was there and when you cklicked on it
Cubase automaticly checked that everything was ok. Now I don´t know why so many folders been there. And if I click on some for example Cubase, it said Cubase are already installed or another coming to the Steinberg Library wich says everything is ok. So can I just DELETE all these folders in downloadmeny in Windows? :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

If i Check in Activision Manager only Cubase 12 is there. Everything else
several VST:s for Groove Agent and VST:s for Halion SE and some other are still
in the old Dongle Usb-Licenser. Everything is part of and belonging to Cubase.
Why did´nt also be an Automatic update to the new SteinbergLicensing system?
What to do? :roll_eyes:
I don´t think I can take off the USB-dongle now
all that VST:s are not going to work then
so what do to? :thinking:

How to Install on my second Laptop Computer ?


For 1. When you use the Steinberg Download Manager to install let’s say Cubase, it downloads the files needed for the instalation and usually this is your default download location. So I guess it’s fine to see the installers on your downloads folder.

  1. Cubase is part of the new elicensing system, I guess the rest will follow but for now you need the dongle for the rest.

  2. Use Steinberg Download Manager to install it as you did with your other machine

thanks! :grinning: