Update cubase 6.5 to 9.5 - will plugins will be removed?

Hi there, I’ve just purchased cubase 9.5.
I’m currently using cubase 6.5.
After downloading the product, the Steinberg Download Assistant was opened, giving me the following options:

  • Cubase 9.5 - Full
  • Cubase 9.5 - update from 9.0
  • Cubase 9.5.30 - Update
  • Demo project

Seems like the only relevant option is the first one, but it’s not really an update, it’s just a new installation.
In this case, what will happen to my current plugins? Will I need to install everything again? How about old projects?
I’m very confused… is there another option I’m missing?

Yes, download the full installer. Nothing will be removed and you will have both programs side by side. Either can be used. Older 32 bit plugs will nor be available for projects in 9.5 but the projects will run fine otherwise.

Everything will remain the same when you install Cubase Pro 9.5 using the “Full” installer. The installer will simply update your Cubase 6.5 content to the latest versions. For example, Halion Sonic SE will be updated to Halion Sonic SE 3, and it will have about 500 new sounds.

The stock VST effects are backwards compatible despite receiving huge changes in some cases (like the compressors and the Maximize, the latter changed so much that the old version is available as a different mode).

Use the VST Plug-in Manager to configure the scan paths for third party VST2 plug-ins:

Got it. I appreciate your fast responses!
My main concern was the 3rd party plugins.

As long as they’re 64 bit they’ll be fine. If 32bit then they can usually be used with a bridge just as jBridge.

Don’t let this point get lost in the back & forth. Especially making such a large version jump it’s prudent to keep both 6.5 & 9.5 on your system. FYI 9.5 can open 6.5 projects and 6.5 can also open 9.5 projects. Of course if you do that features which are only in one version will not be accessible in the other version. But as far as I can tell if you have a 9.5 project that uses some features exclusive to 9.5 & open that project in 6.5 and save it there, when you open it again in 9.5 you don’t loose the data related to the 9.5 features - 6.5 doesn’t blow away 9.5 features it just ignores them (and vice versa).

Also if you have some plugs that work in 6.5 but not 9.5 you can still use them in 6.5, render the audio and then import that into 9.5.